Yumiko-tan avatar, used by Shigatake in pixie and Twitter.

Shigatake (シガタケ, normally in large case, SHIGATAKE, born December 10, 1977) is a male Japanese illustrator that works with Vanillaware. Shigatake graduated from the Kobe Design University. While in club activities, he contributes to the Gutari-ya (ぐたり屋) doujinshi circle.

Shigatake is also known for creating Habanero-tan, the unofficial mascot of the brand of snacks Bokun Habanero. He writes a popular 4-koma comic strip of Habanero-tan. This comics is regularly translated in English by Internet fans. The Nintendo DS Kumatanchi, which he directed and designed, is based on a similar fan-game of Habanero-tan, and for that reason the character design in both games is similar.

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