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Boss Information
Type: Humanoid
Weakness: None
Resistance: None
Stage: Mage's Tower path A
Theme Song: Unavoidable Clash
Difficulty Level Hitpoints
Tutorial 15 22770
Normal 17 26235
Hard 44 105432
Inferno 74 253890
The warlock is found in path A of the Mage's Tower. He will unleash a multitude of spells onto you while flying and teleporting around. Sometimes he will summon forth skeletons and zombies to fight you. After a while, he will be revealed to use a high-level spell that can greatly cause damage to you and your party. Bear down relentlessly upon him to interrupt his spell casting. When you wail on him enough, he'll fall down, then quickly teleport away to get more fighting room. Killing him the first time earns you the black runestones.

On the harder difficulties, the Warlock will also summon zombies, skeletons, and shapeshifters to fight alongside him.



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